the beast health b10 and hydration system with cucumbers and kale in it as well as vegetables on the kitchen counter
woman using a black Beast Health B10 blender, designed by Primer Studios, a Californian design studio

"The machine is intelligent. It continually monitors the blade speed and makes rapid adjustments to maintain consistent speed and torque."


"While most blending appliances overcomplicate the experience with an army of various buttons and knobs. Beast Health knows you only need one button or two. The B10 simplifies the experience with a power on and off button in the back, and a single button on the front to blend."


Beast Health product family


To pulse, press for < 1 second
To blend, press for > 1 second


The Beast Blender and Hydration system is the first blender with a silhouette you can't stop staring at.

side wall of black western digital WD_BLACK microchip for gaming devices like xbox or ps4Beast Health Logo
Beast Health Logo and branding designed by industrial design and product design firm in LA
woman in white leggings carrying the Beast B10 Blender and Hydration System